Xerox warn against trademark infringement

18. August 2015, 08:55 | The Xerox company has begun to act against infringements of trademarks and of intellectual property rights.

Dear Business Partners,


I would like to inform you about the latest developments in the market of consumables.


The company Xerox has begun to act against infringements of trademarks and of intellectual property rights. Some companies, which manufacture, sell or import alternative toner cartridges for Xerox printers and multifunctional peripheral devices, may in fact act contrary to law.


Xerox is increasingly focused on preventing import, production and sales of cartridges, which infringe trademarks registered in the register of trademarks and of intellectual property rights, into the Czech Republic,. In the distribution chain there is legally responsible each link except for the end user. Illegal activities may be fined up to five million crowns, with possible compensation for the trademark holders. The court may even impose ban on activity or imprisonment for the infringement of these rights.




 Xerox sequentially draws attention to such cases of infringement of the company’s intellectual property. Since the beginning of this year the company tested in the Czech Republic eleven different manufacturers, dealers or importers of alternative toner cartridges for printers and MFPs Xerox.


The result is the detection, that most of them violate the rights to trademarks and intellectual property rights of the company. Xerox has subsequently called upon them to refrain from infringement of trademark rights and unfair competitive practices. Companies that infringe the trademark rights are subject to obligation to compensate the damage caused, but also to sanctions in the form of termination of their activities, withdrawal of their toners from sales or duty to liquidate them.


"We will continue with these activities with even greater intensity. We want to protect our customers and their machines. Poor-quality consumables affect the life and performance of the devices. And against this it is necessary to defend ourselves," says Veronika Brázdilová, CEO of XEROX CZECH REPUBLIC.