Servicing and complaints

Despite the meticulous inspections of the final products, the cartridges may be damaged – due to careless handling when shipped for example.

Xerox have very keen on high-quality products and customer´s satisfaction, therefore, provides a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all ink and toner Xerox / ALLPRINT cartirdges - ie. until the cartridge isn´t empty, the warranty lasts.

1. Non-functional consumable

In case of a non-functionality issue regarding Xerox/Allprint-compatible toner or ink, please use one of the following options:

  • E-mail us:  – fill in your name, contact, address, printer type, OEM, defect description, printer placement and shipping address for delivery of new toner
  • Call our hotline: +420721390911
  • fill in the included complaint form and send it to the following address along with the toner in question: Alt X Distribution, a.s., K Bílému Vrchu 4, 193 00 Praha 9.


ATTENTION! Extended conditions for accepting a complaint regarding Xerox-compatible toner or ink:

  • When filing a complaint against low-quality or defective printing, it is necessary to include a printing sample that exhibits the defect along with the cartridge in question. The complaint cannot be accepted without the printing sample.
  • Complaints about mechanically damaged cartridges filed more than two days after making the purchase will not be addressed. For every customer's own good, we recommend that you inspect the goods immediately after receiving them (e.g. from a delivery company). If the shipping package is damaged in any way, we recommend that you mention this event in the shipping report immediately when receiving the shipment or reject the shipment due to it being obviously damaged.
  • If the customer is unable to prove he has actually made the purchase of the goods (receipt, bill, certificate of delivery, cash voucher), the complaint cannot be resolved.


2. Printer fault

If a Xerox/Allprint-compatible toner or ink has caused damage to the customer's printer, please call our hotline: +420 721 390 911 or contact us via e-mail . A rectification of the defect (a technician appointment for the customer) shall be arranged subsequently.




The costs of printer servicing will be covered by us only in the case that the servicing has been ordered via the servicing centre of our company ALT X DISTRIBUTION a.s.