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More than 70 years ago, Xerox developed the toner technology and has since maintained the undisputed leading position in this area. Xerox knows what is needed for printing to turn out perfectly. Page by page.

Xerox offers the widest product portfolio within the Czech and Slovak distribution network and is not limited by a narrow selection of providers who purchase in Asia.

Xerox has prepared a line of spare print cartridges for equipment made by HP, Lexmark and Kyocera.

The cartridges are manufactured according to accurate procedures including a large amount of tests, with careful component selection being a given. The manufacturing facility employs mostly workers with limited working capability (ZTP). The entire process is done in rigorously supervised operations using the latest equipment and complies with standards ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004.

Each Xerox print cartridge is made using only new and unused components. The cartridges undergo meticulous testing when leaving production.

Thanks to the outstanding quality, we can offer our customers a lifetime warranty on all cartridge alternatives.


The Xerox printing cartridges do not jeopardize the warranty conditions of your printer.

The commitment of Xerox in terms of the environment is also extended to partners, distributors and customers.

The goals are

  • Reduced amount of waste
  • Ecologically cleaner production
  • Collection of used cartridges
  • 100% ecological recycling guarantee

Do you know the difference between a refitted and a 100% new non-genuine cartridge?

Renovation steps to make a cartridge alternative:

  • an empty buy-out cartridge has its worn parts replaced and toner refilled
  • the cartridge is refitted in a way that does not violate patent rights of the manufacturer of the genuine product.
  • by recycling toner cartridges, we protect our environment
  • with refitting, we create new job opportunities in our region

This is a Xerox cartridge alternative.


100% new non-genuine cartridge (compatibility, copy, clone):

  • the cartridge is made completely new
  • mostly imported from Asia
  • violates patent rights in most cases.
  • burdens our environment as these cartridges cannot be refitted.


Did you know that...

  • toner and ink cartridges are protected by the rights of intellectual ownership (especially the patent rights) of the manufacturers of the genuine products?
  • there is an institution called the European Patent Office which has all of the states of the EU as members? since 1st January 2014, all patents registered by this office apply for all participating states of the EU?
  • selling cartridges that violate patents and intellectual rights of the original manufacturers is liable to prosecution for the manufacturer as well as the distributor and every link of the selling chain?
  • involvement of such cartridges in selection processes violates the prohibition of unfair business competition?
  • cartridges made by manufacturers who cannot verify them with goods origin certificates, certificates for quality standards or environmental management can cause serious illnesses according to medical studies? Up to 65% of all the cartridges made in the Czech Republic are made of non-ecological or harmful materials. ASK FOR SAFETY SHEETS WITH YOUR CARTRIDGES!


Still interested in purchasing a non-genuine cartridge, a copy or a clone?


18. August 2015

Xerox warn against trademark infringement

The Xerox company has begun to act against infringements of trademarks and of intellectual property rights.

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